MDA Srl: three realities with the same goal

MDA Srl, based in Senago (province of Milan), is a group made up of three different companies: MDA, MDA Interiors and MDAcustica. Together we strive to deliver an all-round service covering everything from the production and installation of handcrafted furniture, boiseries and custom-made acoustic panels.

MDA was founded in 1998 with an aim to provide an installation service for its own collections as well as those from several top brands, mainly for the office and contract sectors.  We pride ourselves on our strong organizational skills, strong flexibility and promptness of response to all kinds of demands.

MDA Interiors deals with the production of custom-made furniture for the contract sector. We are able to provide a wide range of furnishings solutions, from furniture to boiseries for hotels, restaurants and luxury homes. Our handcrafted furnishings, designed with the utmost attention to detail and aesthetic performance, are made using the best materials to guarantee a superior quality.

MDAcustica deals with the production of boiseries and handcrafted acoustic panels for the contract sector. Thanks to our partnership with Radaelli1967 – a leading company in the processing of solid wood profiles and mouldings for the contract sector, we have been able to introduce both mass-produced and made-to-order acoustic panels for walls and ceilings into our collection.

Looking for a company that is able to deliver an all-round service, from production to installation of handcrafted furnishings and custom-made acoustic panels? Contact us now.


Our strengths

Strategic planning, combined with strong organizational skills are two key aspects of our operational approach aimed at delivering the best performance.

Committed to continuous improvement, we make it a priority to keep our staff updated on new techniques and latest generation technologies. In this way, we are able to develop innovative and unique solutions to meet a wide range of demands.

Thanks to our meticulous worksite and logistics management, we ensure short lead times and on-time delivery, combined with an excellent quality-price ratio.

Our attention to detail allows us to deliver top quality products and services to satisfy the highly demanding luxury market in which we operate, in particular, offices, restaurants and hotels, and also stores, boutiques and private homes.

To provide our clients with an all-round, quality service, we make it a priority to invest in staff training and development, not to mention our best practice in choosing the finest materials and the most innovative tools and techniques.


An all–round, quality service

MDA Srl, based in Senago (province of Milan) has the expertise to offer a reliable and comprehensive service, with a particular attention to the smallest detail. Our top class products are the result of a perfect combination of experience and innovation.

Looking for a professional company that is able to handle your project from start to finish? Contact us now. We take care of every phase, from production to installation of handcrafted furnishings, boiseries and bespoke acoustic panels for the contract sector.