Turnkey furniture installation

Our company specializes in turnkey furniture installation.

We firmly believe that careful planning and attention to detail make a difference. For this reason, our staff are thoroughly trained on both the product and relative installation techniques so as deliver a comprehensive, effective and efficient service.

Our long-standing experience has led us to become a point of reference in the sector. Our expert and reliable team is able to guarantee quick turnaround times at competitive costs. If agreed, we can manage all the logistic phases, from pick up to transport, up to delivery.



We deal with the installation of bespoke contract furniture for the luxury hotel sector. Whether it is furniture, panelling or ceilings, our experienced installers always work bearing in mind the hotel’s brand image and concept, and as such, strive to deliver the most accurate performance. We offer custom installations that meet the highest standards of quality.


Stores and Boutiques

Our company deals with the assembly and installation of furniture for different types of commercial spaces, such as stores, fashion boutiques and perfume shops. Our specialized installers make sure that each project is managed with great care and concern, two key aspects in furniture installation for the luxury retail sector. Every project is handled with great attention to detail.



We deal with the installation of contract furnishings for the HO.RE.CA sector, in particular, restaurants, wine bars and farmhouses.  Our all-round service includes, among the other things, the installation of tables, seats and wall panelling, carried out by our team of professional installers, who take into account every aspect, such as space layout and design requirements.


The benefits of a turnkey installation service

We deal with the installation of contract furniture for prestigious realities, from hotels, boutiques, luxury villas, restaurants up to theatres.

In addition, thanks to our special equipment, we are able to carry out work at height, in strict compliance with the safety regulations.

Our staff takes care of the whole process, from installation to final clean up and removal of debris from the site.

Looking for a single partner that is able to handle every step of your project? Look no further! MDA is your ideal partner, thanks to a well- organized worksite, bespoke equipment and highly qualified staff.

We deliver a turnkey installation service carried out with the utmost accuracy and timeliness.  Our experienced staff are able to manage each project down to the smallest detail, including all the logistic phases.

Thanks to our organizational skills and experienced team, we are able to furnish any type of interior space. Our broad client base belongs to the most diverse sectors and as such, we are able to deliver an efficient, well- organized and totally flexible service at all times.

Our aim is to satisfy any demand and as such, we strive to guarantee fast turnaround times, contractually agreed upon, besides an excellent quality-price ratio.

Looking for a reliable partner that deals with the installation of contract furniture? Contact us now. Our staff are available to provide more information about our services.