Professional furniture installation in Italy and beyond

MDA was established in 1998 with an aim to provide a top level furniture installation service for the contract sector. In particular, we develop solutions for both the office sector, as well as for hotels, boutiques and restaurants.

Our organizational approach, one of our core features, enables us to organize both our staff and activities in the most efficient manner, with an aim to deliver the utmost quality.

Our expertise has led us to include oversized furniture in our range, assembled and installed by our staff with extreme professionalism and attention to detail. We provide an all-round service, which includes taking care of the whole process, from installation to final clean up and removal of debris from the site.

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Italy and abroad

We have two main offices, one in Milan and one in Rome, strategically located and equipped with apposite facilities where consignments are stored and prepared for delivery. Being physically present on the Italian territory enables us to manage our operations with greater efficiency. It must be said that we are ambitious enough to expand our business outside of Italy, maintaining the same quality standards.


Professionality and quality

Committed to constantly delivering a first-class service, we invest daily in workplace safety and training of our staff members, who stand out for their great technical skills. We strive to achieve the highest levels of professionalism: from our team’s expertise in planning and organization each work procedure in detail to the drafting of price quotes up to efficient daily worksite management. Our core features include our desire to meet our clients’ requests, combined with flexibility and promptness of response to their different needs. In addition, we cover everything, from installation through to final clean up and removal of debris from the site.

Our great attention to the smallest detail allows us to deliver high-quality performance and much more. Thanks to our organizational skills and streamlined staff management, we are able to deliver a service characterized by an excellent quality-price ratio.

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