Experts in office furniture assembly 

MDA deals with the assembly and installation of office furniture. In particular, we develop and install partition walls, including glass walls and custom-made furnishings in general.

We listen carefully to our clients to understand their needs and desires, in order to provide tailored solutions. We then move on to the assembly and installation phase.

Strategic planning, combined with strong organizational skills, enables us to deliver a top-level, on-time service.


Partition walls

We deal with the installation of partition walls of different types, with an aim to satisfying every need with high-quality solutions. Accurate space planning enables us to divide and optimize each space. This leads to excellent results in terms of quality, aesthetic performance and practicality.


Installation of furnishing elements

Office furnishings play an extremely important role as they need to be functional and aesthetically pleasant at the same time. We specialize in the assembly and installation of office furniture, in particular, executive desks, bookcases and seats, and also workstations and reception areas.


Installation of custom furniture

Whether it is administrative offices, executive offices or common areas, decorating them with custom furniture means enhancing and organizing each living space down to every last detail to optimize the occupants’ daily experience.  In the case of custom furniture, it is even more important to rely on professional installers to achieve accurate, meticulous and timely results.


How to enhance an office space

People spend a lot of their time working in an office and as such, it should be a place where all employees feel comfortable and productive. For this reason, proper planning of the office layout is extremely important.  Each furnishing element, from furniture to partitions, should be arranged and installed with the utmost care to combine functionality, aesthetics and hospitality. Spaces can be optimized through a clever arrangement of divisory walls and glass partitions. Also, furniture, desks, chairs, workstations, etc. are not only useful from a practical standpoint, but can fill an empty space, giving it a comfortable feel. However, it is the final installation and assembly phase that makes all this possible.

Our core expertise lies in installing customized office furnishings, with an aim to deliver the utmost accuracy paired with high quality and aesthetic performance.

A well-executed project can greatly affect the final result and contribute to enhancing the overall room design.

Our long-standing experience enables us to deliver an all-round service. Our staff takes care of the whole process, from installation to final clean up and removal of debris from the site.

Looking for a company that deals with the installation of custom furnishings for commercial offices? Our staff are at your disposal to offer a personalized, no-obligation quote.