Acustica by Radaelli

Sound absorbing – Acoustic panels: supply and assembly

MDAcustica System by Radaelli1967 is the part of our company that deals with the production of sound-absorbing panels for the contract sector.

Our turnkey service for the contract sector includes boiserie, panelling and acoustic ceilings to meet any demand. Although we offer an all-round service, our clients have the option to choose whichever service suits them best, be it supply, installation or both.

Looking for a company that deals with sound-absorbing panels for the contract sector? Contact us now.  Our staff are available to provide more information on our product features and prices.


A perfect mix of Quality and Affordability

Delivering an all-round, top level service at competitive prices is our motivational business philosophy.

This is the reason why we partnered with Radaelli1967, a leading company in the processing of solid wood profiles and moulding on behalf of third-party companies.

The driving force for Radaelli1967, which shares our same mission, has always been innovation and experimentation. Since its foundation, in 1967, the company has been constantly researching innovative wood panelling processing technologies and materials. Today, the company operates in various sectors as a manufacturer of passive sound-absorbing and soundproofing acoustic materials and ornamental boiseries.

The partnership between MDA and Radaelli1967 therefore represents the ideal combination of quality, expertise and experience, giving life to top class products and excellent customer service.


Attention to detail and safety

Thanks to our partnership with Radaelli1967, we have been able to mass-produce boiseries, wall panels and acoustic ceilings without ever sacrificing quality.

Besides this, Radaelli1967 has a deep knowledge in all aspects related to fire protection. Certified by the Ministry of the Interior, the company develops projects and products based on the locations and interventions provided for by the European Fire Prevention standards.

The offer also includes the innovative Dip-Print decoration technology for 3D objects of any kind of shape and material for the manufacturing industry in general.

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