Our Mission

Our mission is to manufacture high quality furniture, thanks to our team of professionals, careful attention to details, materials used, and an increasing use of green policy in production. We aim to serve and satisfy all the requests of our clients by providing a truly tailor-made environment similar to an elegant custom suit.

Our vision is to guide our clients towards a lifestyle off a magazine cover.

About MDA

The MDA srl company has been operating in the custom-made furniture production and installation sector for many years, providing 360-degree services. In fact, we can offer:

  • 3D survey with laser tools to design the environments to be created directly in the exact dimensions of the space to be built, thus reducing the possibility of error and carrying out most of the work in the company and not on site, being able to already prepare all the strips to the correct size.
  • Executive design both 2D and 3D; 2D design is used for the development of the shop drawings mainly of the rooms, while 3D design is used for the development of the shop drawings of the common areas and the boiseries, so as to be able to visualize them as a whole and avoid errors that could arise with a 2D design only.
  • Supply and installation of custom-made furniture, including material sampling for approvals, finishes other than wood such as metals, fabrics, leather and anything else necessary for the production according to the project of the artefacts subject to the contract. All the materials produced are pre-assembled in the rough to verify their correctness and only after having passed this quality control step, are they disassembled and taken to painting.
  • Packaging, transport and assembly of the product material, taking care, especially during the installation phases on the construction site, to use the same personnel who pre-assembled the raw product so that the personnel is already trained on what needs to be assembled on the construction site, reducing the waste of time that can be generated when on large construction sites the personnel employed in the installation are not trained on the product to be assembled.
  • After-sales assistance; once the construction site in question has been delivered and opened, the MDA company also offers ordinary and extraordinary maintenance service, so as to be able to intervene with conscience and knowledge of what was previously assembled, in a timely manner when any problems arise and in a programmed to prevent the occurrence of such problems.

These procedures have led the company to establish itself nationally and internationally, and to acquire construction sites all over the world.