MDA Assembly & Delivery

It is not possible to offer a quality and precise service if the service is not complete; for this reason our logistics section follows all the transport and assembly of our production and beyond. In fact, thanks to the multiple recognitions, over 70% of the transport and assembly service is also offered to other manufacturing companies who find professionalism, respect for deadlines and attention to detail in our service, to transform their project into reality.

“Masterpieces are outlined by details”

Achieving a good installation, a workmanlike assembly, is a process based on attention, on respect towards those who designed it, those who produced it and those who wanted it from the beginning.

Strategic logistics hubs located on Italian territory allow us to manage the reception of furnishings, pre-assembly and shipping for an organized and planned assembly.Our managers are specialized in managing the agreed guidelines for transportation and assembly worldwide.

We are a custom furniture jewelry store.


MDA Interiors specializes in custom-made furniture production.


MDA Acoustics specializes in high-performance custom sound-absorbing coatings for the contract sector.