Elegant furnishings for your private villa

Decorating your home is like dressing up. In both cases, your outfit should reflect your personality and taste. Choosing custom-made furniture for decorating your private villa is a bit like dressing it up in tailored suits to fully enhance its best features.

MDA Interiors deals with the production of all types of handcrafted furniture for decorating exclusive homes and luxury mountain chalets.

Whether it is furniture complements for sitting rooms, bedrooms, living rooms or kitchens, we deliver original solutions capable of adding personality and uniqueness to any space.

Looking for contemporary, refined custom-made furnishings? Contact us now. Our staff will use their expertise to create bespoke solutions of great elegance, exclusivity and prestige for your villa.


Our goal is to offer our customers a comprehensive service, which is why we specialize in the design, production, and installation of kitchen furnishings. We produce luxury kitchens of any kind, utilizing high-quality materials that are both prestigious and durable. We are capable of producing prestigious workstations, paneling, and furniture.


We specialize in designing custom luxury wardrobes, offering adaptable solutions not only for the bedroom but for all spaces in the house. We are also capable of creating designer furniture, large bookcases, and any type of fitted wall unit, making every room elegant and refined while ensuring functionality for its purposes.

Comfort and elegance

Furnishing is the art of arranging beautiful things in a comfortable manner, but not only that.

Indeed, comfort relies not only on the correct arrangement of furnishings but also on how they are crafted. For example, a kitchen can make a difference in an environment based on how it’s positioned as well as its organization. Functionality, therefore, assumes the same importance as elegance.

Our team of designers meticulously studies the spaces and listens to the requests and needs of the client, creating a personalized proposal capable of combining comfort and elegance.