Your point of reference for luxury hotel furnishings

Thanks to our long-standing experience, we have become a point of reference for contractors that operate in the sector of luxury hotel furnishings. We deal with wall and ceiling coverings, flooring and headboards. We also provide a wide range of bespoke décor elements for standard rooms, suites and common areas.

Our main strengths, attention to detail and fine finishes enables us to deliver elegant and sophisticated interior décor solutions.

Whether it is double rooms, triple rooms, suites or common areas, we are able to create top class furniture complements, perfectly in line with the required standards.

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Interior décor plays a vital role in the hotel sector. It is paramount in creating your guests’ initial impression as soon as they set foot inside the lobby before heading to their rooms or suites.

For this reason, every detail of each décor element, from furniture to flooring, up to wall and ceiling coverings should be given the utmost attention during the overall design phase.

Choosing custom furnishings is the ideal solution for enhancing each space while adding a touch of uniqueness and character to the overall room design.

Relying on a specialized company like ours is crucial in attaining the best possible results. We work closely with our clients to gain an in-depth knowledge of their needs, in order to deliver a functional and impactful solution. Our custom-made furnishings are made with top quality materials, aesthetically appealing, durable and resistant at the same time.

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